About us
We see ourselves as a community of interest aiming to produce first-class wines: an exclusive circle of wine-growers from different wine-growing regions syndicated 20 years ago forming Deutsches Barrique-Forum.
Barrique is the French name for an oak barrel with a capacity of 225 litres.

Producing barrel-aged wines of extraordinary quality is the common commitment uniting all these wine-growers. The kind and quality of the wood and its processing and treatment play an important role for the maturation of the wines.

However, these wine-growers never put the main focus only on the wood flavour of their barrique wines. Instead it is rather a matter of harmoniously combining the special flavours of the wood with the aromas of the grape. Prerequisites to achieve this are fully ripe grapes of the very best quality. This leads to wines of more depth, more mellowness and more complexity.
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