The role of Deutsches Barrique-Forum
Deutsches Barrique-Forum is unique in its structure!

Founded over 20 years ago, the wine-growers of Deutsches Barrique-Forum have been pioneers for the maturation of outstanding top wines in the small oak barrel called barrique.
What some people initially tried to discredit as an all too transitory fashion, has meanwhile been established as an appreciated method of wine-making in Germany.

Our barrel-aged wines have conquered the market. Nowadays these wines belong to the international top-class wines and are at the same time distinctively characterized by the region they come from and their terroir. By producing such wines the member wineries contribute significantly to the development of the quality of German wines.

The positive external effects of Deutsches Barrique-Forum are as characteristic as its internal collaboration. Exchanging their experience as well as networking their know-how is extraordinarily important for the members of Deutsches Barrique-Forum.
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