For the maturation of wine in the barrique fully-ripe grapes of first-class quality are an indispensable prerequisite: here the interaction of the abundance of aromas, the density of extracts, high-quality fruit acids and fine tannins is very important.

When choosing the barriques, special attention is paid to the kind of wood, the pore size, the origin of the wood and the manufacturer of the barrel. During barrel manufacture the oak is bent over an open fire. During maturation the components of the wine and the aromas of the wood including its toasting coalesce imparting wonderful flavours to the wine. In the case of top wines this coalescence is balanced in a perfect way. The resulting delicate flavours are additionally enhanced by maturation in the barrel and in the bottle for many months.

Brilliant wines are produced by wine-makers who combine professional knowledge and skills with many years of experience and who also constantly keep developing by exchanging and sharing their knowledge with their colleagues in Deutsches Barrique-Forum.
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