Purchasing wine

In qualified wine shops you get individual expert advice and service and you can find wines suitable for any occasion you are planning. Vinotheques, mail-order firms and online shops are additional possibilities to buy wine. Also many wine enthusiasts maintain close personal contact with the wineries. The wine-growers of Deutsches Barrique-Forum are looking forward to your visit.


The top wines of Deutsches Barrque-Forum have an enormous potential for development due to their content of valuable flavours, extracts, fruit acids and fine tannins. Maturation of these wines in barriques supports the longevity of the wines. Generally great wines can also be served already while they are young, particularly as an accompaniment to food.


Decanting high-quality wines aged in barrels can have two favourable effects. When pouring the wine carefully into the carafe, the wine gets into contact with air making its flavours more accessible. Furthermore, after many years of bottle aging, a natural sediment may have accumulated at the bottom of the bottle, especially when a wine has not been filtered. Separating the clear wine from the sediment by means of a carafe can be helpful. Generally uncorking a top wine some time before drinking and enjoying it is advisable.

Wine and food

Light wines go well with light meals, the heavy wines of Deutsches Barrique-Forum go best with hearty meals. When pairing wine with food you can serve a wine whose flavours correspond with the flavours of the dish. However, also contrasts which match are possible. The way the dish was prepared, the sauces and the side dishes are further criteria for a superb combination.
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